Response Update April 30, 5 p.m.


Injuries/Incidents, previous 24 hours 0/1 incident*
Barrels of oil and water recovered, total 1,254 barrels (52,668 gal.)**
Total metered oil: 

On water, On land, Total

On water: ~15 barrels (635 gal.) 

On land: Less than 1 barrel (30 gal.)

Total: ~16 barrels (665 gal.)

Sheen contained by boom? Yes
Responders ~170
New wildlife impacts 0
Vessels of Opportunity 1
Numerous excavations ongoing to determine flow path

* An operational incident reported per Alyeska policy that did not impact response nor result in equipment damage. An individual slipped and fell while boarding a vessel, was evaluated and released back to work. A coworker assisting them to their feet felt a strain, was evaluated by a medic and released to work. No medical care was required at this time.

** Recovery numbers from 4/29 were incorrect and over-reported recovered liquids by 10 barrels. Recovery numbers today are confirmed.

A system at the shoreline is capturing sheen from the outflow of a pipe carrying snowmelt and rainwater before it enters the Valdez Marine Terminal (VMT) small boat harbor.

On water, recovery efforts are ongoing. Vessel of Opportunity boats and crews that are no longer required have been released. Participants are now down to one vessel from a high of 19 at the response’s peak. The boomed area impacted by the sheen continues decreasing; it’s less than three-quarters of its original size. The current amount of deployed boom has been reduced to 17,720 feet from its maximum deployment of more than 26,000 feet.

The source of the spill, isolated and secured on Monday, April 13, was a sump located about a quarter-mile uphill from the harbor.

Response Update April 30, 5 p.m